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It's the XXI century already and we all live in the information era. We are glad that more and more people around the world are giving up permanent full-time job - the most insecure form of earning money these days.

As a way for a dignified life, freedom and unlimited finances, they choose the path of running their own business and parallel earning money online.

Advertising on the Internet is a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars. If you want to take part of this cake for yourself, start building your own websites and mobile applications, take care of your customers, and earnings from several to several hundred thousand dollars a year will become a reality.

What do you need to start working online?

You need your own website (online store, blog, smartphone application, etc.) or YouTube channel, FaceBook profile, Instagram or other social networking profile.

Why AdeX?

Simple & Secure

In AdeX, you get bonus points (BP) for your own activity on the platform (activity bonus). You will get it only if the company has profits from selling advertising on its own platforms and for external users (influencers from YouTube, Instagram and other social networks).

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Easy & Effective

In AdeX, you can get bonus points, which you can use to buy your own advertising on the platform, thanks to which you will bring a lot of traffic from real users to your websites or social media, which in turn may contribute to your revenue from the sale of products and advertising (affiliate programs, AdSense, etc).

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Promote & Earn

Remember that our platform is based on a community of influencers who, by buying advertising on the portal, are looking for opportunities to gain new customers, subscribers or followers. AdeX was created so that you can advertise your services and additionally get bonuses that will make the purchase of the next advertising campaign more attractive (cheaper or even completely free), because you can pay for it with bonus points.

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Affiliate System

Our greatest value are active clients of the portal. Thanks to the affiliate program, you can earn additional bonus points for an effective purchase of advertising on the portal. You can receive from 2.5% to even 20% of the amount spent on advertising (monthly subscription) by the person you refer.

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Stability & Longevity

AdeX is making the difference

Unlike most advertising platforms, AdeX does not pay any commission on the funds spent by users on purchasing social advertising. Social advertising is an advertisement for which active users of the platform are rewarded for viewing. Users who recommend our advertising portal are rewarded only for the effective sale of subscription advertising paid monthly or annually.

This Platform Aims to Disrupt the Market

Revolutionary concept with social influencing: Our members decide about sharing percentages and other options on our platform!

Start of our brand new Platform

Today we are starting our brand new platform Advertisexchange.com and you can be one of the very first members!